Images Without Form

The universe around us is full of different manifestation of forms, colors, materials, texture, and composition. The human being interacts to this manifestation in a peculiar way, according to their culture and bio-physiological structure. This is how we conceive and understand the elements and objects we come in contact with.

Sunrise at California Beach, Aruba

The concept of beautiful and ugliness are also subject of the standard impose by the consensus of conventionally rules and interpretations.

World Trade Center, Manhatan , NY

The biological and cultural building blokes of our being are the culprit of the way we perceive images in certain and determined ways, validated and judged by our peers.

Wildwood Beach, New Jersey

Images are constructed in our brain in a very personalized way and subjected by inner conditions and bio-physiological features. We give the form, the color and the texture of the images we perceive. Lets educate our senses and taste in order to enjoy what is really worth to enjoy.

Wildwood Beach, New Jersey

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