Get Ready For The Trip

People enjoy traveling. If you are like me, I make sure that my camera or my i-phone is also ready for the trip.

It is fascinating when you come back home and look at the pictures you have taken of your voyage with pride.

There are a few things you can do in order to make sure you take the pictures worth to share with family and friends.

1.- Enough Memory

Make sure to empty your camera memory cards. Unless you have new memory cards handy, backup all your pictures on your memory card to the computer or external memory devices. Once you save your images, format the memory card.

You can also backup your images you have taken them with your cellular phones. Check out your cellular phone on how to backup the photos save in its memory then delete them.

2.- Batteries

The camera batteries and its spare batteries should always be charged, especially the night before using the camera. Fully charge the cellular phone before committing to use it for taking pictures. There are battery packs available for cellular phones.

The point is to keep always charged batteries of your digital device. It may be the batteries of your camera, cellular phone and battery packs. Also, have enough batteries for your Speedlight flash.

3.- Lens and Sensor

Keep the lens of your camera or cellular phone free of dust often. Use the clean kit met for your digital device. Camera sensor cleaning is not an easy delicate task. Research the internet about the secured method to do it without damaging the sensor. The criteria to keep in mind with regard to the sensor is not to touch it at all. Leave that kind of work to the authorized dealer or fabricant.

4.- Bring your best photographic-eye Attitude

Photographic-eye is the natural or learned ability to compose extraordinary shots even out of ordinary surroundings. Not everybody born with that instinct. You can learn it with practice, sometimes with a lot of practice. But for those who enjoy taking pictures, learning to develop a photographic eye become a passion.

Learn from the master. It is mandatory to get familiar with your camera. Find out how it works and what kind of features it has.

Try to discover your photographic-eye style. It can be a color, an angle, the subject position in regard to the picture frame. You can find a lot of wonderful pictures in the internet that may inspire you, but be yourself and have a good time shooting. In the end, enjoy what you do.

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